About Me The Yuriy

Hi there, yeap that is still same me on the top, And my little story is. I love photography and capturing those beautiful moments that would make¬† you get “WOW”. The God is grate and he made it so beautifully, we as¬†humans just need to stop and¬†consider the heavens that God gives us, because all his creation glorify¬†his name sadly not all¬†humans¬†do that. Just by seeing all of this nature and wildlife beauty around as¬†humans¬†already ¬†tells/profs of GOD’s¬†existence¬†and that he is the CREATOR of all this. I’m not only Wild-Life, Nature photographer, I am also wedding, engagement, portrait¬†and sports photographer¬†I also love to do wild life and nature photography as you can see, in my free time. Wild-Life and nature photography has always been drawing me closer and closer, and when I got my 1st dslr camera I began exploring it ever since, and at the same time photographing WL & Nature.


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